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Blue Bolt Caridinas

Blue Bolt Caridinas

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Dive into the world of Blue Bolt Shrimps, where blue is the new black, and white is the new...well, white!

These tiny wonders come in at about half an inch – the smaller, the cuter, right? Plus, they're as easy to acclimate as a breeze on a sunny day.

These Taiwan Bees have come a long way from their diva days. Thanks to some genetic wizardry, they're now the rockstars of your tank!

The best part? You can mix and match them with other Taiwan Bees without a shrimp soap opera. Red King Kongs, Red Pandas, Black King Kongs, Black Pandas – they all get along swimmingly!

Ready to level up your hobby? Join the Blue Bolt party and let your aquarium shine in shades of blue and white!" 🦐💙🌟

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