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Catappa Bark

Catappa Bark

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10 grams of Catappa Bark

Catappa bark is a potent alterative to Catappa leaves. Packed with humic acid and tannins, it reinforces fish mucous membranes, creating a protective barrier against bacterial pathogens. This bark not only encourages fish breeding but also hinders fungi and blue algae growth. Importantly, it doesn't harm beneficial aquarium bacteria, reducing stress on your aquatic friends. Plus, it's eco-friendly, as it's harvested without harming trees. Adding catappa bark before water changes can help maintain a thriving, stress-free aquarium environment.

To use Catappa Bark in your aquarium, simply place one piece directly into the tank. A single piece is suitable for approximately 25 gallons of water, and it will gradually sink to the bottom on its own. If you need a faster release of the active ingredients, you can boil the bark first. The active agents will be gradually released into the water over a period of time. After this time, you can introduce a fresh piece into the aquarium. The used bark can either be left in the tank for crustaceans and shrimps to use as a hideout or additional feed, or you can choose to discard it. If you're using Catappa leaves alongside the bark, remember to consider this when determining the dosage. Catappa Bark has an indefinite shelf life if stored in a dry place, but keep in mind that, as a natural product, it may undergo changes in form, color, and size over time.
Even though this bark is sourced from a pesticide-free and uncontaminated area, it is advisable to prep them before adding them to your aquarium. Similar to our other leaf offerings, we recommend rinsing and/or steeping them in boiling water before use as a standard practice.
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