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Guava Leaves

Guava Leaves

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Guava Leaves are a great choice for leaf litter in aquariums, particularly blackwater tanks. They provide shelter for small aquatic species, maintain a natural look, and support biofilm growth, which is essential food for various aquatic animals.

These leaves also act as pH buffers, gradually lowering the aquarium's pH as they decompose, making them suitable for creatures that prefer acidic conditions. They can be used in high-pH setups with pH-raising decor.

Guava Leaves have therapeutic properties, promoting slime coat, scale, and shell production and preventing luminous bacteria, a shrimp pathogen.

Our pesticide-free Guava Leaves are safe to use in aquariums. Introduce them cautiously to avoid sudden water parameter changes or excessive tanning. Even though these leaves are sourced from a pesticide-free and uncontaminated area, it is advisable to prep them before adding them to your aquarium. Similar to our other leaf offerings, we recommend rinsing and/or steeping them in boiling water before use as a standard practice.

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