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Indian Almond Leaves

Indian Almond Leaves

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Indian Almond Leaves, also known as "Catappa Leaves" are sourced from the Terminalia catappa tree, and are a valuable asset in the realm of aquatic care. These unassuming leaves possess remarkable properties, naturally combating bacterial, fungal, and parasitic ailments in fish. They also are excellent for growing biofilm - perfect for shrimp! 

When introduced into your aquarium water, dried Catappa leaves initiate a gradual decomposition process, releasing tannins—plant-derived compounds that have significant implications. Tannins lower pH levels and imbue the water with a gentle yellow-brown tint. While some may attempt to filter out this tint, it's important to recognize the value of tannins in the fishkeeping hobby.

Even though these leaves are sourced from a pesticide-free and uncontaminated area, it is advisable to prep them before adding them to your aquarium. Similar to our other leaf offerings, we recommend rinsing and/or steeping them in boiling water before use as a standard practice.

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