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Jackfruit Leaves

Jackfruit Leaves

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20pcs per pack

These beautifully shaped, high-quality leaves add a delightful tropical charm to your aquarium, along with the gorgeous blank tint. They tend to have a longer lifespan than Catappa and Guava. They are also quite substantial in size! These leaves encourage the growth of biofilms on their surfaces, a favorite food source for shrimp, and they gradually soften, making them a nourishing option. Whether used individually or as part of a diverse leaf litter arrangement, they enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium.

To avoid sudden changes in your water conditions, add these leaves gradually to your aquarium at a rate of a couple of leaves per every 10 gallons.

Even though these leaves are sourced from a pesticide-free and uncontaminated area, it is advisable to prep them before adding them to your aquarium. Similar to our other leaf offerings, we recommend rinsing and/or steeping them in boiling water before use as a standard practice.

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