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Microworms stand out as an excellent choice when it comes to nourishing your newly hatched fish fry, such as killifish, angels, cories, guppies, betas, gouramis, tetra, barbs, danios, and various other species. These tiny worms range from 1-3mm in size. One notable advantage of Microworms is their rapid reproduction, making them a more time-efficient option for cultivation compared to baby brine shrimp.

In the early stages of their life, some newly hatched fish fry may find baby brine shrimp too large to consume during the first few weeks. Additionally, rearing baby brine shrimp can be more challenging due to temperature, salinity, and growth-related constraints. In contrast, microworms thrive at room temperatures and don't require the hassle of rinsing off salt residue. To harvest them, a simple swipe of your finger or a clean, small paintbrush can easily detach the worms from the sides of their container, minimizing debris contamination.

Afterward, you can rinse your finger or paintbrush in your fish tank. It's essential to avoid overfeeding, as excessive food can negatively impact an entire batch of fry. What's convenient about Microworms is that they can survive in a tank of water for more than 12 hours without issue, eliminating concerns about them growing too large for your young fish fry. Cultivating microworms at home ensures a continuous supply of freshly hatched fry food, allowing you to provide your fish with a well-rounded diet to meet their nutritional needs.

Choose between a starter culture, or a starter culture + kit. With the kit, you will receive:

  • 2oz Culture
  • Container with tight fitting lid
  • Yeast (worm food)
  • Culture medium (instant mashed potatoes)
  • Simple, clear instructions
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